Our coaches

Jessica Garrett – Head coach (Director)
Jessica, an ex-Jester, is currently completing her level 3 Tumbling award, tumbling is an additional discipline and most beneficial to those whom attend. Jessica is also level 2 qualified in Sports Acro.

Lily Garrett (Director)
Lily Garrett is a level 2 Acro coach and level 1 Tumbling, also ex-Jester. She leads the performer class and the 4pm beginner classes as well as coaching in the jesters and tumbling classes. Lily is also the head choreographer.

Mark Oakes-Heppelstone (Director)
Mark is a level 2 Acro coach and level 2 tumbling coach, as well as a qualified Judge. Mark Leads the Jesters squad and boys beginner class.

Mel Millard (Director)
Mel is qualified to level 3 in Sports Acro and currently runs most of the beginner classes and the intermediate group. Mel was head coach at Jesters from 2010-2015.

Anne Grundy
Ex-Olympic gymnast, Level 2 Acro and Level 3 Artistic, helps us whenever possible. We are grateful for her expertise and knowledge.

Faye Skidmore (Director)
Faye is an ex-Jester who is now level 2 qualified in tumbling. Faye also coaches the performer class and our youngest beginner class.

Rhianna Watson
Has completed her level 1 Acro and helps out in the beginner and intermediate classes when she is back from uni.

Aiden Davison
Aiden is level 1 tumbling coach and helps out in the tumbling classes.

Anna Knee, Phoebe Churm, Emily Broom and Emily Thompson have completed their helpers award. We appreciate all their help they give to the club.