Welcome to Jesters Gymnastics Club ltd.

We are a well-established gymnastics club based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

We offer gymnastics classes for ages 5-18 for children of all abilities.

Our gymnastics club is based at unit 8, Skinner Lane in Pontefract, WF8 1HG

We are a not for profit organisation meaning that any profits or fundraising goes straight back into the club to improve the services we provide for the children in our area.

We offer general gymnastics classes to beginners before they can progress into tumbling and acro squads. You can find more about these disciplines in our about section.

If you are interested in joining our club and would like some more information click here.  Alternatively you can join our waiting list here.


The aim of the club is to provide a safe, effective and child friendly environment in which members can participate in gymnastics under the guidance of appropriately qualified coaches. We aim to achieve their highest ability.

Jesters Gymnastics Club ltd is a not for profit organisation, all profits made will be invested back in to the club.

It is run voluntarily by a team of 5 directors who strive to progress the club to as far as possible in the coming years.

The members of the club are organised into groups according to their age, gender, ability, experience and individual needs and coaches will be pleased to discuss the training programmes and your child’s needs with you.

We provide a child/member centred, coach led programme and will endeavour to help your child reach their full potential. Our coaches are all British Gymnastics qualified at the appropriate level and have been screened for their suitability to work with children. A Welfare Officer has been appointed by the club to deal with any safety issues.


  • The club was formed in the early 90’s by Kath Shepherd, at Featherstone Sports Centre.
  • The club was formed to give children of all abilities a chance to enjoy gymnastics, with the aim to enter elite gymnasts into competitions.
  • We aspire to work the gymnast to their very highest capability, through lots of hard work and fun.
  • The club is now run by Jessica Garrett, head coach since September 2015 and a team of 4 other directors, Mark Oakes Heppelstone, Mel Millard, Lily Garrett and Faye Skidmore.

Sadly, Kath Shepherd passed away in October 2010. However, the club strives on higher than ever, in memory of Kath’s hard work and dedication.

We offer Tumbling and Acro classes once gymnasts have passed a set of core profiecincy badges, that ensure they are suitable for the more advanced classes.

What is tumbling?

Tumbling is a fast paced discipline, gymnasts perform a row of skills down a tumble track that can stretch up to 25m, this is where gymnasts will learn tricks such as back flips, somersaults and twists.

What is Acro?

Acrobatic Gymnastics (previously called Sport Acrobatics) is a sport based on gymnastics in which a team of gymnasts work together to perform acrobatic moves in combination with dance moves to form various figures. All routines are performed to background music. Gymnasts generally work in pairs or trios.


Beginner classes 

16.15 – 17.15
17.15- 18.15

16.15  – 17.15
17.15 – 18.15




11.15 – 12.15

Boy’s beginner class 

09:15 -10:15

Beginner Acro classes

17:45 – 19:45

Junior Acro squad


Senior acro Squad 

18:15 – 20:30

17.15 – 20:45

Tumbling squads 

Junior squad 

Tuesday ,Thursday or Friday


Saturday 9-10.30

Senior squad

Tuesday , Thursday , Friday


Saturday 10.30-1.30

Adults gymnastics 

Tuesday 8-9pm


If your child is a beginner with no or little gymnastics experience they will need to join a beginner session to complete their badges before they can progress to a higher class. If you think your child is beyond this please contact us through the “contact us” section to arrange a trial. Gymnasts must be able to do splits/bridge/forward and backward roll/handstands, cartwheels and other elements to a high standard to be considered for a higher group.

If your child isn’t 5 yet but you would like them to do gymnastics in the mean time before joining Jesters, two of our coaches run pre-school clubs in the area, you can find them both on Facebook:


Join us

If you are interested in joining the club please click here. Please provide as much detail as you can so that we can ensure we put you into the right class or onto the right waiting list.

If you decide you don’t want to stay on the waiting list or don’t want to accept the place when it is offered , all your details will be deleted from the online system.

Please keep an eye on your emails so that you can accept your child’s place once a space is available

If you have any further questions please use the contact us form on the website.